WoodRidge Replacement Windows

WoodRidge Double Hung Window Replacements by Lindsay Windows

Innovative window line with the energy efficiency of vinyl but the traditional look of wood. 

Why Choose WoodRidge Double Hung Replacement Windows

  1. Unique picture frame exterior shows elegance with a “rich” curb appeal.
  2. Enclosed screen track for screen retention and easy removal.
  3. Multiple strategically placed insulating chambers in frame and sash profiles provide exceptional strength and a barrier against air and water penetration.
  4. Strong overlap interlock with reinforcement provides extra strength and protects from the outside temperatures.
  5. Our various LowE glass packages provide maximum energy efficiency. Argon filled
  6. gas in between the glass unit provides added insulation and increased energy savings.
  7. Top and bottom sash tilt in sash for easy cleaning from inside your home.
  8. Commercial glazing system for superior design pressure performance.
  9. Welded sloped sill for superb water runoff and easy cleaning.
  10. Built in dual wall “J Channel” for ease of siding installation. (Optional: J Channel Filler)
  11. Fusion welded frame and sash instead of mechanically fastened corners. Provides impenetrable barrier to air and water. Gives utmost strength and integrity.
  12. Heavy duty sash balance system to hold the sash where you desire. Balance tube covers enhance the interior appearance.
  13. Stainable pine interior can be stained by the manufacturer or choose your own stain or paint color and do it yourself!
  14. Optional sash vents to limit opening of bottom sash for ventilation.
  15. Color coordinated recessed cam locks and keepers assure sashes are drawn together for security and energy efficiency. (2 locks & keepers on windows over 26”)
  16. Non- Metal Spacer for maximum argon retention and minimal heat/ cold transfer.
  17. Ergonomically designed contoured lift rails at the top and bottom for smooth operation of both sash.
Available with or without extruded nail fin.
  • 3 1/4” overall jamb width
  • 2 1/16” inside fin jamb

Mold Resistant Weatherstrip

The average WoodRidge double hung window has over 40 feet of fin seal weatherstrip. It helps reduce outside noise and infiltration of exterior gases such as carbon monoxide.

Reinforce Interlock

The structurally reinforced overlapping interlock on the double hung is designed to significantly reduce air infiltration. It also helps as a security barrier for you home. The reinforcement provides strength for long-term satisfaction of your windows.

Tilt-in Replacemnt Window

The WoodRidge double hung utilizes special hardware on the sash and frame. Both top and bottom sashes will tilt into the home for easy cleaning.

Applied Lift Rail

This dark brown applied lift rail adds durability to the operational part of the WoodRidge double hung. This reduces the chance of breaking from normal usage.

Unique Cove Design

Add a touch of elegance to your home with our unique cove. This one-of-a-kind, classic look will add a subtle and sea less look to the interior of your home

Non Metal Spacer for Your Windows

WoodRidge Windows use all warm edge spacer systems. These products provide maximum condensation resistance, durability, energy performance and high argon gas retention.

Optional Manufacturer’s Stain Colors

6 stain colors can be applied to the interior wood of WoodRidge windows. Outside vinyl can be be painted any color desired at an additional charge. 

Multitude of Grid Options

Choose form grids between the glass or Simulated Divider Light (SDLs) stained to match the interior of your windows.

Flat Grid Type

These grids are there most common. They measure 5/8″ inch thick and are flat in shape.

Sculptured/Contoured Grid Type

To add some depth and a classic look, these 3/4″ wide grids have a slight shape to them.

Standard Colonial Grid Pattern

This is the most common grid pattern and adds a touch of elegance and class to your home.

Prairie Grid Pattern

Prairie or perimeter grids are a more modern look which add curb appeal.

Diamond Grid Pattern

This Crisscross pattern creates a diamond shaped pattern in the glass of your window.

LowE 366 Glass with Neat Coating (Standard)

LowE 366 is the ultimate performance glass. It delivers the ideal balance of solar control and high visibility. And it provides the highest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings, making it the perfect glass no matter where you live.

Triple Silver LowE Glass with Argon gas fill (standard)

Glass is an important component of all windows and doors. LowE is a microscopically thin, virtually invisible coating deposited on a glass surface.  This coating limits radiant heat flow between window panes by reflecting heat into your home during cold weather and back to the outdoors during warm weather.