Save a REAL 25% OFF Labor This Winter
on Replacement Windows or Siding


Great Pricing  •  Great Service   •  Great Products  •  Great Contractor

For the first time ever at Sims Exteriors & Remodeling – any Window Replacement or Siding project in the Madison area done between December 1st 2014 and March 15, 2015 will receive 25% incentive discount on labor. A REAL discount.


Replacement Window Full Disclosure

Over the Years, we have avoided the “Special Offer” business because we have seen so many gimmicks and bait and switch activities for replacement windows. We did not want to be associated with that type of business approach and the companies doing them.
However, because winter is routinely our slowest time of year, we can afford to offer our highest quality installation professionals and products with a REAL 25% discount on labor. It’s a win-win situation. Our pros get to work through the winter and you get superior professional workmanship and great products – such as Pella Windows and Anderson Windows – installed for a really great price. It’s the BEST Replacement windows VALUE in Madison WI.



Replacement Windows Contractor Comparison

When purchasing windows, remember all quality replacement windows perform very similarly. The structure, insulation and glass coatings will produce similar results. Performance differences are usually related to the quality of the installation done by the contractor you choose.

Price is a significant factor. Large price differentials for premium replacement windows are usually the result of inflated margin or labor costs. Premium replacement windows will deliver the best results when installed by a contractor offering a honest price, quality installation and great follow-up.


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Avoiding Scams:
Interviewing a Window Replacement Contractor 

Most people want to assume the best about people they deal with. However, with replacement win-dows, the combination of quick pro-jects with high dollar value invites all types of contractors—both qualified and unqualified. Your challenge is eliminating window replacement contractors who do not have your best interests at heart.

At Sims Exteriors & Remodeling we believe homeowners deserve great value with their window replacement project. Selecting the most reliable replacement windows contractor can save you thousands on the front end – and thousands after the project is complete. Review the list of ‘Red Flags’ and save time and money.


Avoid Window Replacement ’Red Flags’

  • Confirming the name, address, telephone number or credentials is difficult or cannot be done
  • They try to pressure you into signing a contract on the first meeting
  • The contractor offers you a “special, low rate” because your home will be used for advertising purposes
  • Signing a contract “today” will secure a special price
  • The replacement windows contractor has no references to provide
  • You receive out-of-date information or promotions
  • Verifying license or insurance information is difficult or cannot be done
  • Payment for the entire job in advance is requested
  • A salesperson asks to be paid in cash
  • The company has no website, cannot be found in the phone book, has no listing with the Better Business Bureau, or local trade association, etc.
  • Contractor asks you to pull the permit. This likely means he hasn’t done his licensing requirements with the state in order to be able to pull the proper permits


Questions to Ask Your Replacement Windows Contractor

Installing replacement windows is a big project and before you are through, there will be a lot of holes in your walls. The need to have the windows installed correctly is paramount. Unless you plan on swinging a hammer on your window re-placement project, you have to pick a contractor to do your project. Click here to get 13 must ask questions to ask a window replacement contractor.