Lindsay CrownView Replacement Windows

Sims CrownView Replacement Windows by Lindsay

Our budget-friendly line of CrownView replacement windows gives your home a bold new appearance. We use high quality vinyl and hardware that translates into a smooth, durable window for your home.

Why Choose CrownView Windows

High Quality Sash & Frame

  • Fusion welded corners in both frame and sash ensure exceptional structural strength and barrier against air and water penetration
  • Attractive beveled exterior provides beauty and “rich” look
  • uPVC unplasticized vinyl compound
  • Smooth, maintenance-free surface
  • Concealed hinges
  • Multi-chambered insulating design for added strength and energy efficiency
  • Quality hardware. Cam-action, multipoint, non-corrosive locks draw sashes together for a tight seal.

Superior Weather Resistance

  • Double-strength, SolarBan70 LowE insulated glass comes standard for the ultimate in UV protection, comfort and energy savings. The insulated glass pack is “bonded” to the sash to create a structurally sound window, resistant to weather intrusion
  • Super Spacer® is the most innovative and warmest, non-metal glass spacer system for maximum energy efficiency
  • Double & triple weatherstripping
  • Multipoint weather sealing locks

Easy and Simple Operation

  • Both double and single hung windows feature a tilt-in or 90º sash for easy cleaning
  • Quality balance system for a smooth, quiet, and maintenance free use
  • Contoured integral lift rail for easy window operation
  • Many available accessories to enhance installation and use, including matching extension jambs, casing, baseshoe and multiple grid options in the air space.

Energy Efficiency and Savings

  • All of our windows are Energy Star Approved
  • Exceeds NFRC Standards

Excellent Warranty

  • 25 Year Warranty
  • CrownView Warranty

CrownView Window Features

SolarBan70 LowE Dual Pane Glass with Argon gas fill (std.)

Glass is an important component of all windows and doors.  SolarBan70 LowE is a microscopically thin, virtually invisible coating deposited on a glass surface.  This coating limits radiant heat flow between window panes by reflecting heat into your home during cold weather and back to the outdoors during warm weather. You also have the option to upgrade to an even more efficient glass option, 366 LowE Glass with Neat.

Warm Edge Super Spacer®

The Super Spacer® is the world’s only all-foam, NO-Metal edge seal product that reduces condensation, frosting, and mold growth while providing the highest levels of energy performance.

Interlock and Hardware

The reinforced overlapping interlock on the CrownView Double Hung is designed to significantly reduce air infiltration.  It also helps as a security barrier for your home, featuring standard dual locks at the highest quality.  The reinforcement provides strength for long-term durability of your windows.

Tilt-In Window

Your CrownView Double Hung utilizes special pivot bars/pins on the sash and in the frame. Both sashes tilt-in for easy cleaning or removal from inside your home. In the single hung windows, only the bottom sash would tilt in due to the top sash being stationary and the glass being glazed directly to the main frame.

Mold Resistant Weatherstrip

The average CrownView Double Hung has over 40 feet of fin seal weatherstrip.  It helps reduce outside noise and infiltration of exterior gases such as carbon monoxide.