Selecting a Remodeling Contractor – Hedge Your Bets

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Get your search for a remodeling contractor off to a fast, reliable start with a detailed planning guide.

Whether you’ve planned for changes or they come as a result of unforeseen events, selecting a remodeling contractor for your Madison WI home is a major decision. Contractors bring many skills to the table and when you’re in the market for a home renovation you want a professional you can count on. Before your remodeling or repair project is completed you’re likely to have holes in the walls or roof – or have pieces missing on purpose or as the result of the weather. In each case, you want to be sure the remodeling contractor you hire will be around the complete the task. And that company do it right and stand behind it every step today and into the future. Continue reading

A Deck Can Be More Than Just a Deck

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Taking time to review different ideas can help you get the most from your new deck

An experienced deck builder will tell you a well-conceived and constructed deck is much more than a simple addition to you home. This is because an experienced deck

builder is not limited by lack of vision. They have the ability to create a safe and exciting area your family can enjoy by themselves or with friends and guests.

Whether you enjoy a quiet BBQ or entertaining a group of friends and neighbors, a deck is a great place to simply enjoy your home more than ever.

Today, building options allow a wide variety of amenities, materials and levels making a deck ground zero for outdoor fun in spring, summer and fall. Continue reading