Madison Roofing – Satellite Imaging for Year-Round Roofing Estimates

Year Round Roofing Estimates-Sims Exteriors

Satellite technology allows accurate roofing estimates year round

Gone are the days when roofing contractors have to coordinate with a homeowner to drive to the property and physically climb up on the roof to measure it and do all of the calculations for the roof replacement estimate.

Satellite imagery allows roofing contractors, such as Sims Exteriors, to use complete and precise measurements to create the most accurate estimate available in Madison WI. The best part about satellite roofing images for homeowners is they can plan for the spring projects now. Even while there is still snow on the ground and on your roof, accurate estimates are yours. Continue reading

Ice Dam Repairs & Roofing Systems

Ice dam problems are always a symptom of other problems within a home.

Ice Dam - Venting Diagram, Sims Exteriors, Madison WI

Proper venting and insulation can help end ice dam problems

If you have an ice dam now, multiple ice dams or other roof ice, there are likely multiple issues affecting your situation. And, believe it or not, your roof may have nothing to do with the problem – it may be an innocent bystander.

It’s important to understand your roof is part of a system including the roof itself, gutters, soffets, siding, ventilation and other systems within a home. How all of these parts of the system work will affect your heating and cooling bills and the life of your roof, if not a lot more.

With that said, certainly, roofs can wear out over time. However, if your roof requires repair or replacement pre-maturely, there is a good chance something within the system is not functioning correctly and has accelerated the aging process.

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Ice Dam Prevention In Madison WI

Ice Dam Illustration_Sims Exteriors

Proper insulation and correcting attic bypasses can help stop ice dam problems

An ice dam, the ridge of ice that builds up on roof eaves, is a common wintertime problem for Madison Wisconsin residents. An ice dam can cause costly structural damage that can affect not only the roof, but the interior of walls, floors and multiple levels in your home.

The shelf of ice and the icicles hanging from the gutters are obvious to the homeowner. What’s not always  apparent is the cause of an ice dam. Continue reading

Ice Dams – Protecting Your Home from Roof Ice

Ice dams, Madison WI, Sims Exteriors 608-825-4500

Ice dams channel melt-water into attics and living spaces.

This is the time of year when homeowners find themselves dreading the ice and damning the dams — the ice dams forming on eaves and along the edges of roofs.

There are plenty of reasons to hate ice dams. They damage roofs and the underlying structures, encourage water buildup and leaks, and reflect heat loss and general energy inefficiency. Unfortunately, once an ice dam forms it’s almost impossible to remove in any manner other than waiting for spring.

Ice dams form when snow — as little as one or two inches will do the trick — on a roof, is melted by heat leaking through the roof from the attic. The melting snow runs down the roof and refreezes at the roof edge, where there’s no house heat to keep the snow in liquid form. Continue reading

Winterizing a Home in Madison WI

Sims Exteriors-Winterizing A Home

Sealing air leaks at doors, and windows will help keep you warmer and save you money

Winterizing a home to prepare for the upcoming Madison Wisconsin winter is easier than most think. To help lower your heating bills and enjoy a comfortable winter season, there are just a few basic steps to follow in winterizing a home.

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Sun Tunnel Skylights – A Great Home Improvement In Madison Wisconsin

Sims Remodeling_Sun Tunnel Skylights-light tubes-Madison wi

Sun tunnel skylights can brighten halls, closets bathrooms and more.

Sun tunnel skylights are a high impact and inexpensive way to improve the look and the feel of your home. The natural light coming from the sun is magnified to brighten up any area in your home.

Sun tunnel skylights are quick to install, are extremely affordable, opening up your home like no other door, window or skylight can. Brighter and energy efficient, sun tunnels and skylights create a feel no other home improvement can match.  Continue reading

Rain Gutters – Preparing For a Madison WI Winter

Rains Gutter Guards-LEAFX-Sims Exteriors-Madison WI

Gutter Guards keep debris from accumulating in your rain gutters

Your rain gutters represent a first step in preventing ice damming that can cause roof damage, leaking and interior damage of ceilings, walls and floors.

In climates like we have in Madison Wisconsin, the combination of snow and changing temperatures create melt and freeze cycles on your roof and in you rain gutters. If debris is in your gutters, it can slow the flow of water. The result will be freezing water, ice build up and in many cases ice damming which can leads to water damage in your home.

An excellent first step in protecting your home and keeping your rain gutters functioning as they should is to consider a gutter guard to keep most debris out of the gutters.

Assuming your do not have a gutter guard in installed; consider following the checklist below to help maintain the best performance possible from your rain gutters. Continue reading

Roofing Review – Comparison of Roofing Materials

Every home needs a roof and homeowners have a wide selection of materials to choose from when hiring a reputable roofing contractor.

The Old Standby Roofing Has Improved

Composition shingles have improved the most over the past twenty years by changes in the manufacturing process. The result is they are more durable than ever.  In fact, all G.A.F. composition shingles are guaranteed for life. In the past you might have expected twenty to thirty years of service, now, with the newer G.A.F. composition shingles, you will have your roof on for as long as you own your home. Continue reading

House Siding – Siding Basics For Madison WI

House siding is one of the most important components protecting your home against the elements including the sun’s ultra violet rays, rain, snow, ice heat, cold and any other climatic challenges delivered throughout the seasons. Continue reading

Roof Replacement Clues in Madison WI

Roof-Replacement-Repair-Clues To Prevent water danage | Sims Exteriors-Madison WI

Don’t wait for the clue to get obvious. By this time water is leaking in and ruining your home. Call a contractor soon.

Unless there is a catastrophic roof failure, most Madison WI homeowners don’t really know how to assess whether they should start planning for a replacement. Because Madison’s climate throws extreme variables at your home, including snow, ice, hail, freezing temperatures, rain and blistering heat, many roofs will begin ”hinting” at the need for replacement by showing some signs/symptoms.

The key is spotting damage and assessing whether water or pest can get into your home. Replacement or repair before water leaks can cause  damage is critical. Continue reading

Replacement Windows – Installation Is Key in Madison WI

The biggest mistake we see homeowners make is obsessing on statistics about replacement windows they buy for their homes.

Problems can occur when homeowners rely solely on the product stats. The reason is second part of the equation revolves around the contractor you choose to do the work and what techniques the contractor uses to install the products you choose. Even the best products can be reduced to average or below average performance as a result of poor installation. Continue reading

When To Replace Roofing – Just Take A Look

A good roof, depending on type of shingles and the craftsmanship, can last from twenty to forty years.

But that doesn’t mean a homeowner will want to ignore their roof for the first twenty years. Environmental issues can affect the performance and longevity of any roof. Weather issues such as hail, heavy winters with ‘melt & freeze’ cycles, larger trees surrounding your home or unknown issues with the manufacturer of your shingles can all play a role in diminishing shingle function or shortening shingle life. Continue reading

How Do You Know If You Have Roof Hail Damage?

Roof hail damage is a common situation in Madison and Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. The key is reacting when you think damage might have occurred. If leaks begin, water can ruin the interior of your home.

Hailstorms and the runoff from your roof will cause granules of asphalt to release starting the roof hail damage process. While the release of granules does happen over the course of a few years, a hail storm can cause a larger amount of granules to build up by downspouts, etc. Continue reading

Hail Damage: Does Your Roof, Siding, Windows or Gutter Have Any?


It is the season and many areas have been hit in recent years including the Madison WI area and Wisconsin Dells just a few weeks ago.

The question we hear on the phone often is ‘how do I tell if hail has damaged my roof?’. The answer is we really have to inspect the roof, especially as it relates to what is considered hail damage in an insurance claim. However, below are some good guidelines for assessing if you might have a hail damaged roof. Continue reading