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When Hail Damage Leads To A Roof Replacement

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Bruising and mat breakage sometimes occur simultaneously

Hail damage extensive enough to require a roof replacement can happen in a blink of an eye. And, it can happen on one side of the street and not the other.

The most pressing question most homeowners have after a hail storm is ‘‘How do tell if I have hail damage on my roof?”.

Our answer is simple – we have to inspect your roof. Just as importantly, you have to have your insurance company claims adjuster inspect the roof too. After all, the insurance company wants to be sure there is legitimate hail damage before paying off insurance claim. Below are guidelines to help you assess if you may have hail damage and need a roof replacement. Continue reading

Hail Damage: Does Your Roof, Siding, Windows or Gutter Have Any?


It is the season and many areas have been hit in recent years including the Madison WI area and Wisconsin Dells just a few weeks ago.

The question we hear on the phone often is ‘how do I tell if hail has damaged my roof?’. The answer is we really have to inspect the roof, especially as it relates to what is considered hail damage in an insurance claim. However, below are some good guidelines for assessing if you might have a hail damaged roof. Continue reading